Pyramid on 5-stories

On the first story of this pyramid a mining scene reflects the hard work of the miner of this period which is surrounded by a marching miners’ brotherhood.
On the second story the Christian Christmas tale as related to us in the New Testament is presented. It shows the birth of Jesus. The shepherd and the three holy kings come to adore the newborn Christ and to present their gifts. The third story symbolically shows the murder of the infants in Bethlehem by Herod and his soldiers. The five Christmas choir singers on the fourth story stand for the holy church and the three trombone-playing angels on the fifth story symbolize heaven streched out over everything.The painting of the body of the pyramid is done in the traditional Saxon colors of white-green and gold. A 50-note music box built into it brings your ears three well-known Christmas carols in unique beauty.

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Art.-No. 01/1
Size: 153 cm