Pyramid on 4-stories
Here the individual floors of the pyramid again present scenes of the Christian Christmas story in which on the first floor the birth of Christ on a non moving midsection is shown, surrounded by the circulating kings and a camel driver umlaufen wird.
The presentations on the second, third and fourth stories are comparable to the 5-floor pyramid. The painting is blue-white and gold. We continue thus the tradition of painting pyramids in the early 19th century.
A 36-note music box provides you a well-known Christmas carol of your choice, either “Silent Night” or “O du fröhliche”.

For pyramids 01/1 and 01/2 a special order is required. Should there be interest in one of these pyramids, we ask that you inform us by the end of the year, since production begins at the start of the next January in order to guarantee delivery by the fourth quarter.

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Art.-No. 01/2
Size: 120 cm