Christmas pyramids with pewter fence

Our Christmas pyramids are offered in two different formats. They are based on historic examples of the 19th century.Depending on the size they consist of 900 or 1300 individual parts and are decorated with 27-37 figures produced according to old-fashioned techniques. The figures are turned, carved,shaped with “dough” and hand-painted. The lovingly-done painting gives the figures their special charm. A little treasure of our pyramids are the pewter fences, worked out in great detail with filigree, surrounding each story.
The scenes on the pyramids show the Christian Christmas story as well as the hard life of the miner. These Christmas pyramids are made annually only upon special order of the customer. They are continuously numbered, provided with a certificate which describes the tradition of the Erzgebirge and the construction of the individual stories of the pyramid. Each piece is unique and is protected in all of their individual details from being copied.
As is true of their historic examples, our pyramids are set in motion by the rising heat from wax candles.
Well packed in a handmade, solid fir wooden chest they leave our workshop at the end of each year.

"Original Kaiser Pyramids" and figures are coveted not only by collectors and admirers in Germany, but also surely bring joy, good luck and meditative hours in the celebration of Christmas to still more generations in Japan, America, Luxembourg, Norway and Switzerland.
Today the Kaiser-Pyramids with their richly detailed furnishings and historical design are counted among the most treasured single pieces of Saxon handwork art.

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